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Leaving the Nest…

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I have been away from my blog, but not from my writing. My “Creative Writing” course is nearing the end and I know I’m going to feel lost without it. I was going to enroll on another course, but I think that it’s best to throw myself into deep water and deal with the consequences later. So, I’m going to write in English until I feel confident and happy with the final product (Polish is my native language). That’s my mid-year resolution!

Here’s a quote I feel is appropriate for this post as it illustrates my state of mind and it’s also very inspiring:

“Once I got started I wanted the life of a writer so fiercely that nothing could stop me. I wanted the intensity, the sense of aliveness that came from writing … My life is worth living when I’ve written a good paragraph.”

Lynne Schwartz



  1. hey! like your quotes. like your fiction. your english is good, too. i’ve got some writing clips on my site you may like. and some nice photos…

    Comment by scargirl — 01/06/2010 @ 12:31 | Reply

  2. What are you planning to do now?

    Comment by Sophie Whitley Flavell — 01/06/2010 @ 21:07 | Reply

    • Hi Sophie, so nice to hear from you 🙂 The plan is to finish my novel (in Polish, about 70% done already, but the editing process is going to take AGES, isn’t it?) and I’m looking for a good photography course…What have you been up to?

      Comment by Monika Thornton — 02/06/2010 @ 18:47 | Reply

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