The Object of Pursuit of an Inner-Saboteur



old man bowed his head

awaiting the winter rest

hasty frozen grip


in the burning sun

on a sunday afternoon

glass of lemonade


he arrived early

a father-daughter embrace

green-eyed freckled girl

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Today is Mothering Sunday. Hope every Mum receives lots of extra hugs and kisses from her children, hope today is very very special 🙂

Here’s a story I wrote for my kids a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know…still a bit clunky, but as soon as I stop procrastinating I’ll sort it out 🙂


“Alfie Brown’s Day Off School”

The winter was snowy               

And turned the world white.

The village of Giggleswick

Woke from a very cold night.


The kettles got busy,

The dogs wagged their tails.

The adults kept yawning

And moved slower than snails.


The parents poached eggs

And the children had toast,

On crisp Monday morning

Decorated by frost.


The voice on the radio

Advised to keep warm.

It said the school’s closed

Due to the snowstorm.


Most children went out

To build a snowman,

But young Alfie Brown

Had his own curious plan.


“That’s cool,” he grinned

And ran to his room.

“I’ll set up my rocket

For launch this afternoon.”


He put on his spacesuit

And helmet with microphone.

Then spoke to space traffic control

With a professional tone.


“The Moon expedition

Is ready for …”

Alfie stopped talking

And stared at the floor.


He rubbed his eyes,

Then dropped his toy,

Because in front of him

Stood the tiniest boy.


“Who are you?” asked Alfie.

“And how did you get here?

I’m busy commanding.

You must not come near.”


“My rocket is ready

To fly to the Moon,

So cover your ears

In case it goes BOOM!”


The little boy shivered

And whispered: “Hello,

I’m Peter the Crumbeater

And I live one floor below.”


“My house has been frozen

For three days and three nights now,

So I have been sleeping

Inside your old nightgown.”


Alfie looked puzzled.

“One floor below?

There’s nothing down there

Except for the burrow.”


“It’s under your floorboards.

I don’t need much space,”

Said Peter the Crumbeater

With a smile on his face.


“Your rocket looks awesome!

Please let me watch.

It’s so exciting

To countdown for launch.”


“I’ve eaten your cheese crumbs

And I’d like to repay

By helping your mission.

So, what do you say?”


Alfie considered,

Then said, “Please do.

The mission’s success

Depends on its crew”.


“Thank you, Commander,”

Said Peter saluting.

“I’m waiting for orders,

Whatever needs doing.”


They opened all windows

Facing east side of town.

Then took the positions

And started the countdown.


The rocket reached ceiling,

Then fell on Alfie’s head.

It gave him two bruises

And crashed on his bed.


They tried five more times

Without any luck.

The rocket hit furniture

And kept getting stuck.


“I have an idea,”

Said Peter excited.

“I’m small enough

To fit in inside it.”


“Fantastic!” yelled Alfie

And helped Peter in.

Explained the controls

And checked rocket’s engine.


“Have fun and eat

As much as you please.

The moon’s made of crackers

And best kind of cheese.”


Alfie then waved

 And shouted: “Goodbye!”

Peter waved back

And gave him a smile.


He flew out the window

And above the tall trees.

Towards the Moon

Made out of cheese.


All boys and girls,

Please don’t forget

To wave to Peter

Who flies in his rocket.


He flies round the Moon

And turns the stars on.

He eats cheese for lunch

And sleeps at dawn.

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